Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Arab Spring, Eh?

So now the “Arab Spring” is supposed to be an “Islamic Spring”? Well, not exactly… The whole thing is an over-simplification. And worse; it is a Disinformation with an Agenda… Or many intersecting agendas.

And before you shout “CIA military coup”, accuse me of conspiracy-phobia “a al Nasrallah”… Maybe... But read on.

IMH(BA)O, There are at least aspects to this lie, and each shows a different agenda, or a biased “vision” of the world.

First, there is no Arab Spring. No more than we “knew” ours was supposed to be a “Cedar Revolution”, the rest of the Arab world did not think about its current upheavals as a “spring”. What is happening now is just the end of a normal rotting process. It is simply the natural evolution of regimes that had refused to evolve. Not merely change, but simply evolve.

Rather than evolving, they just grew. Not up. More. The parasite was outgrowing the host. In most cases, the demands of the parasitic dictators got bigger just at the same time as the economies were slowing down. After all, each now had large families (and hungry) families to provide for.

So, when the economic crisis hit, they had been ripe and lost big. Very big. Whether some “outside force” picked them up or whether they just fell down is irrelevant. They were just walking corpses of lies and failed ideas. No amount of police force could compensate for the lack or Panem, and Circemses… One more unintended consequence of the “formula that killed Wall Street”; our crooks fell victims to bigger crooks.

So what if there was a ton of manufactured news in the prelude? There was a market for it since the people had gotten tired of the bullshit…

And it’s just as well. Consider this nastiest of the nasties, Kim Un aka Trois. His regime has evolved. Not in the sense that we’d like. But the North Korean regime has kept up with the latest in technologies, and thus has grown ever more efficient at repressing people. Rather than pursuing an economic progress that would ultimately undermine him, Kim-Un-“Troisième du Nom” has starved his country into submission.

Second, this is not an Islamist Spring. This is not a "War of Worlds". It is not an opposition between a “secular” regime and a “backward” Islamist clique. Egypt has been just as repressive to the Coptic Christians as any Islamist would be. And Syria’s not even misunderstood (with often bad consequences for us). It's not even a regime; it’s a family “Cosa Nostra”…

It so happens that those Fascists have been the only organized force in many of the countries of the region… And that they have many powerful allies; some rich Arab Monarchies, some simplistic American President, and some very devious country whose claim to be the “only democracy in the Middle East” would otherwise ring hollow.

So enough of that. We’ve been there already, even before this lie was ever proagated. This is one is not related to some agenda, just a relic of Western Arrogance, and of  Israeli chutzpah of claiming to be the "only democracy in the Middle East". Right. ...Moi-y-en-a-bon-blanc.

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