Saturday, August 04, 2012

Son of a Rich!

One gets mixed feelings when one reads words that there is such a thing as “Lebanonization”. As if there was such a thing as a “Syrian Exception”.

It’s as if our civil war was a peculiar disease that was for ever foreign to the Arab body politic. So the Middle East has no religious fanaticism, no oppression of minorities, no mass massacres of innocent civilians, no ethnic cleansing, no disreguard for private property and human rights

...Gimme a freakin’ break

We used to say that we’re the Switzerland of the Middle East. We are.

It is just that the Swiss neighbour the French, the Germans, and the Italians. And then Napoleon came along to put some sense into them

We Lebanese have the misfortune of neighbouring Arrogant Baathists, Self-centered Israelis, and negationists Turks... And our own hubris... And we have Nasrallah and Al-Asir stoking fires that will burn us all… As a small country, we can only “resonate” with all the drumbreats around us…

Yes, I know. The link makes no sense :)

Yet we managed to endure in spite of all this…

Syria would be lucky if it managed half as well/bad as we did. It would be lucky if its civil war slides into Lebanon mode. Yes, lucky. It’s simply because, throughout our own civil war, we Lebanese maintained a form of state. We kept some sort of minimal contacts. We kept some sort of perspective.

How did we do it?

No, we’re no better than any one else. There is no more Lebanon exception as there is Syrian exception.

We’re just better deal makers.

Even when we carp to foreign powers, we’re unreliable; we only follow those who pay last, not necessary those who pay more…

In Syria, they have a long way down this road.

The fact remains that the Baath was the only link between all the parts of country and society, since it controlled most large scale businesses across the country. The other links that remain are religious/ethnic, and often regional.

Now, as the Baath glacis melts away, new divides will appear that Syrian have little experience in bridging. Today, the divide is between rich and poor. Tomorrow, it could be between Damascus and Aleppo, since the regime has all but broken the Homs node…. The day after, who knows?

All the efforts of Bashar’s “allies” will not prevent this slide into hell. And all the efforts of Bashar aim at facilitating this descent… So, the “dialogue” that has began is being conducted with bombs and bullets… And chemical weapons, or is it just gas?

… And this “dialogue” will soon spread South.

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