Monday, January 02, 2012

фашистской силой

Best Hopes for a Happy New Year 2012.

As I see my fellow Arab emerge from the slumber, I can only hope it’s a real awakening. The picture so far remains a bit blurry, but it is not hopeful. The danger is that Arabs may only awaken from the stupor of secular fascists to fall into the deadly embrace of religious fascists.

Cave Semitii

I am fearful for the Arab people because of our Arab Nature. If we Semites have any redeeming qualities, it is our deep and spirituality and our passionate sense of honour and justice. If we Semites have any damning faults, it is our deep and spirituality and our passionate sense of honour and justice.

So, when our prophets said it was “an eye for an eye”, this was not a licence to exact retribution from those who offended us (and more). Rather, this simple statement was meant to reminds us all of our humbling equality before the Creator. Yet we often forget it.

And the clowns who (mis)ruled us forgot that while they acted as God incarnate. Some, like Gaddafi, may even have believed it. A few guys from Misrata reminded him otherwise. While no one can wish his end on anyone, but he who lived by the sword should expect to die by the sword (in the worse way possible).

So, good riddance to bad rubbish. Or, if you feel hypocritical, may they rest in peace and let’s turn the page.

And that was the easy part.

Trouble is, we may have many more pages to turn before our story even starts. Like so many other people over the course of history, after we get rid of the Czar, we still have to deal with the dung heap on which he stood, lest this dung heap take over. While those nasty clowns repressed liberals, they fostered and empowered even nastier forces in their dark shadows (ok, all shadows are dark, excuse the “balagha”). Those are the Bolsheviks of yore, the Khomeinists yesteryear… and today, we have Islamic Brotherhood, the Salafists, the National Religious....

Those secular fascists were only the first page. We now face those religious fascists. We need to turn many more pages before we get to the end of our story. And as we turn the pages, beware of our Semitic passions. With the easy enemy gone, we have to face the demons within us.

So, best hopes for 2012.

Better be careful what we wished for this year, we're on our way to get it... Unless we wise up.