Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Brave new world

It's been a while...

...but there had been nothing really, fundamentally new; Lebanon was on its path to a renewed civil war, and the world was just watching. 

Now, Change is Happening... Finally

Lebanon is still on its path to a renewed civil war, but the world is no longer just watching. 

It's Getting Crazier

In the US, an ignorant lunatic has just succeeded an arrogant amateur... At the very least, we can be in no doubt the US legacy of failure in the Middle East is secure; it did not start with Obama, and seems set to continue under Trump

If he makes it that far... The "president-elect" is already embattled; the election is barely over that there is already talk of hacking in some key states while his "base" is starting to revolt against him. In the meantime, the neo-cons are clawing back their position in the administration, and the media's getting ready to pin on him the upcoming Trumpcession and Trumpflation.

Yes, Obama prepared him quite the "shit-sandwich", but he helped it make it so much worse.

But Who Cares? 

We all do; what they do in the US affects the rest of us, in many ways, and there is little we can do.  O, for the emergence of a multi-polar world; we'd have some checks and balances to one country's ignorant arrogance. 

At least, we have a new president in Lebanon. He may be the first "made in Lebanon" president for a long time, but he will be the last Lebanese President, if he fails to deliver. Much depends on how he works (or doesn't) with Hariri and his patrons, but more depends on how or if he can ensure the Lebanese Army is the only army in Lebanon...